Who runs the news?

Who ‘owns’ and/or ‘controls’ the media you use to access your ‘news’? Why does this matter?

What trust do you have in your news sources? or Does Beyoncé Matter?

who runs the world

Image credit: (Mtv, 2017)

Who runs the world? Beyoncé? Or are those in control of the media within Australia, delivering our news day-by-day, the ones who possess greatest power and influence over our population. It has always been a great concern, also acknowledged in the BCM 110 lecture about media being utilized as propaganda (Turnbull 2017). Which has resulted in restricting the individual’s range of thought thus restricting their freedom like Hitler who had accomplished this within his German populace during 1934 to 1945. The ability to control his people’s behaviour, by influencing certain ideas hence, is still perceived today, with this strategy adopted by concentrated media ownership’s within our society, of which the majority is unconscious to. It is therefore necessary that we bring it to everyone’s attention. Or maybe we’re all simply too gullible, believing anything composed online making us an easy target to market and to create and control ideologies.

Likewise to myself, many Australians are moving onto social media platforms such as “the world’s favourite search engine” Google, owned by Alphabet Inc. Which uses 450 000 servers allowing us to receive our latest news daily. Who else notices that the first majority of webpages searched contain the exact materials, statistics and data? Similarly formatted and worded. It’s imperative to browse several websites for details, desperate of reassurance. Although we search these various sites doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a different source! And are these websites on the first results page more reliable than references on the 30th or 50th page?

However, after watching the short clip about this American multinational technology company in the lecture has only prompted shivers down my spine due to another issue (Turnbull 2017). With Google’s advancements to continually approach their audiences, now working at greater measures, much further than its initial objectives. Even invading our privacy to achieve the ultimate goal of generating more revenue.

So do we trust Google to deliver our news each day? As Google’s priorities now are to acquire knowledge about everything in regards to online users so that they can target advertisements at us. Then how reputable are they as a source of obtaining important and realistic details of the occurrences in this world. Lets not forget to mention Google has been culpable for “running fake news sources” while banning real stories (Heyes, 2017)

Are these big media platforms worth our data usage? Now I’m not so sure… However Beyoncé is definitely an exception. At least the only goose bumps she stimulates for an audience is due to her pitch perfect voice, as she is ULTIMATE GOALS! Whereas her music is real and not fake, portraying real life matters authentic to the individual.


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