Miki Unwrapped

Welcome to “Mikimedia”

My Name is Mikayla Cox, I am currently enrolled at Wollongong University and in my first year, studying Communications and Media Studies-Majoring in Marketing Communications and Advertising.

I am very very exhilarated to meet you guys and begin our next chapters and so let me proffer you this ….


I present you with a peace offering, welcoming you to my blog. In accordance I aim to not only please, but to shock and surprise you in ways that you wouldn’t expect or imagine. I want to challenge you and in return, you to challenge me when reading my personal ideas, views and concepts that we cover and criticise during the course of my degree. I also encourage all, when reading my posts to think outside the box! I am here to utilise my gifts as this branch of study is an ardour of mine and I intend to further enhance my skills and knowledge in this area gaining as much insight and information as possible during my degree. With great confidence that this experience will lead me in the exact direction to secure me the ideal job in the near future (which is still uncertain)

As defined, Communication media refers to the means of delivering and receiving data or information, and this is what I hope to do. With prodigious aspirations “to be most valued by those who most value brands”- Ogilvy Group once recited. Thus inspires and exemplifies why I am here. However I wish to develop my language further and improve my way of conveying convictions to readers especially on social media sites like this one. (So please forgive me, I am a rookie).

Just a little more about me before I “wrap” this up:

  • I love a challenge, and am very determined when I set my mind to something.
  • I love keeping active and fit. I cannot sit still for long!
  • I play and have previously performed in a number of different sporting activities such as soccer, oz-tag, softball, surfing, winter skiing, baseball, volleyball, gym, running, walking etc etc.
  • I love people and working with others, I am very curious and love a good conversation. So please befriend me!
  • I watch too much television and I thoroughly enjoy my movies, ranging from reality tv, drama, romance, soapies etc etc. But I cannot do scary genres!!!!
  • My favourite food would be anything sushi or thai.
  • I love, love, love the beach.
  • I thoroughly enjoy capturing photos of moments and creating videos, ever since I was a young girl.
  • I am also deeply in love with the snow- I have even been overseas to Japan and America skiing.
  • I have a kitty called Blaize.
  • I live for music varying from anything on the charts to RNB and even classic hits.
  • I desperately want to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.
  • I’m a coffee and tea addict… (which will probably get worse whilst at uni)

Anyways enough about me, thanks for your “presents” , listen out for more soon.

Miki x


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